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Mutual Funds and Segregated Funds provided by the Fund Companies are offered through Worldsource Financial Management Inc. Other Products and Services are offered through TheTransition.Coach.

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How The Transition Happens

Successful relationships are based on great conversations. Successful financial results are based on disciplined strategies, which are reverse-engineered from a transparent, honest planning conversation, based on a description of a client’s preferred vision of the future.

Our two core, proprietary, processes (The Freedom Process, and The Successful Transition Blueprint), create clear steps to meeting results, based on what is important to the client.

Skin in The Game (Definition by Nassim Taleb)

“…Having a contact with reality that filters out incompetence.”

In Roman times, engineers were required to spend time under the bridges they built before they were put into public use.

The early English went a step further. The engineers were required to spend time with their families under the bridge they built.

Hammurabi’s Code, written about four thousand years ago, emphasizes this concept. It stipulates that if an architect builds a structure that collapses and kills its owner, then the architect is to be put to death.  This is “Skin in the Game”, and filters out what Taleb calls “B.S. Vendors”. This built in accountability is what civilization is built upon.

In this light, at TheTransition.Coach, we align with skin in the game.

Additionally, as a part of our “Right Fit” qualification process, the founder of TheTransition.Coach, Robert Aitken, CFP, will share his family’s financial strategy, net worth and portfolio allocation. This demonstrates accountability, transparency, and a true contact with reality that filters out incompetence.

Our clients deserve to have a transparent, and successful advisor. Why would you accept guidance from someone who is hesitant to share their action plan, and progress?

Why would you take advice from an certified financial planner who is struggling financially?

Don’t take advice from a BS Vendor. Require that your advisors have “Skin in the Game” (regardless of profession) and that they prove it- otherwise they are likely BS Vendors.

Get your personal copy of the “Right Fit Package” to learn more about whether your transition qualifies you to work with TheTransition.Coach.